Terracotta Panels

Some might know that terracotta is a rather new material when it comes to the history of architecture. Originally it is a natural material that is touched by the Chinese culture, which has been around for years, and it represents a modern and fashionable design that doesn’t forget about traditions. Thus, it is a combination of the two and practically a sort of language of architecture. To replace old models with new one means to evolve in our culture. There are lots of situations in which history is explained through modern language but it doesn’t forget about the traditional ideas. Thus, architects from all over the world are eager to prove that they can create modern things by relying on conventional techniques. This way they hope that they can show the origin of a building.

When it comes to applying their knowledge on building materials, fashion is overrated. Instead, they respect the origin of the traditional ideas and culture. Currently in China, the former notion of the pursuit of modernism and the idea of technical content has changed into the pursuit of artistic or humanistic aura, eco-friendly conservation and noise lowering. Of course, the terracotta panels do bring their benefits in this situation by serving the needs of their users. This is why lots of architects, designers, developers or curtain companies use them. Their fast development has impressed everyone without a doubt.

In the 1980s, in Europe, people starting applying terracotta panels. But, 20 years later, this type of panel also started to infiltrate in the Chinese market. At that moment, the domestic market was dominated by lots of foreign enterprises that restricted their popularization because they were quite expensive.

The terracotta panels can be used in the case of the exterior decoration for various buildings (commercial, office), but also for venues, theaters, dwellings etc. In addition to this, they can also be used for interior decorations (exhibition halls, public buildings, etc.).

Terracotta panels are sound insulated and they reduce noise, they are anti-freeze and protect against fire, they don’t fade, they don’t weigh a lot, they are solid and waterproof.