Benefits Of New Window Installation

First and foremost, the curb appeal of a property is enhanced tremendously by new window installation. Appearances within the home also improve, since every room essentially gets a mini facelift or upgrade from the process. There are many style options available that homeowners can customize their order to match the style of not only the home, but of each room. They can mix and match different shapes, add a new window to a wall that doesn’t currently have one, or even introduce stained or artisan lead glass for an extra special touch.

Curb appeal is about more that just the current property owners appreciating the house, it’s also an important selling point if they ever decide to put the property for sale. Prospective buyers and their agents appreciate the value of buying a home with major improvements, such as new window installation. Because they are making a huge financial investment in the purchase of the property, most buyers want to make sure that they won’t need to worry about any major renovations in the near future. They are also conscious of rising energy costs and want to make sure properties they view are up-to-date with energy saving features. Prospective buyers see a home with newer features not only as a nicer looking property, but one that is well kept, modern, and energy efficient.

They also cut down on cool air and wind drafts that come into the home. This is especially noticeable during winter weather when cold drafts cause homeowners to crank up the heat and get out extra blankets.

Another benefit of replacement is that modern options are much more energy efficient. Environmentally conscious homeowners appreciate that they’re being responsible about their energy consumption. They also enjoy the savings that come with lowered energy bills. Some research indicates that new windows pay for themselves in as little as three to five years, thanks to the money saved on energy bills. As electricity costs continue to soar, this may become the most convincing benefit of all.

Finding Custom Window Treatments

There are so many options out there today to add more to your house’s appearance. Before going with particular style, you will want to look at color, pattern, texture, and style. These areas will give any room a certain atmosphere and feel, and they are important areas to consider when doing any type of home decorating.

Color is one of the first areas that you will probably consider before decorating a room. It is like what an artist does before laying down the main part of a painting. The background is essential. You will need to take into account the color scheme. This means not just the color of the walls, ceiling, and floor. You will need to think about the colors that you want to have on the custom window treatments as well.

Pattern is another consideration as you look for the right custom window treatments. You will want to decide whether you even want a pattern. Pattern can be a simple thread throughout a piece of fabric. It can be a plaid, polka dot, or some other pattern. Your decision will likely be determined by the overall style of your home.

Texture also adds a great deal to your curtains or shades. You might choose bamboo, wood, fabric, vinyl, or any number of materials. Each of these will have a texture all their own. If you already have several patterns and textures in a room, then you need to make sure that you do not add too many more. It can be overwhelming to you if your room has too many textures and patterns.

The style of your custom window treatments also needs to be considered. Your home style will determine this to some degree, but there will likely be some leeway in what you choose. There are so many options today, that it might be difficult to make a final decision.

Color, pattern, texture, and style are all important considerations when you are making changes to rooms in your house. When ordering custom window treatments, all of these areas will come into play. You will need to research and find the right help who will be able to create what you need.

About Express Window Replacement

Same Day Service

Replacing a broken window can be a high priority. A broken window means that there is an open path into your home for anyone, or anything, that would like to enter! This is an invitation for thieves or vermin and it is crucial that you sort it out straight away. Not only is it potentially dangerous to leave a broken window unrepaired, it can cost you a lot of money in heating or cooling. Without a window in place to help stop the flow of air, you can literally be pouring money out the window!

Luckily, all good glaziers can offer a same day replacement service. Having your window replaced is as easy as calling up and waiting for the glazier to come to you. Unless your window is extremely large, or you require a special variety of glass, you will be able to have it replaced on the spot. The repair vehicles which are on call are equipped to deal with almost any glass related damage.

Quality Work

Despite quick service for glass repairs, quality isn’t compromised. While glass repair and replacement does take significant skill and specialised tools, glaziers have been well trained and are efficient. This allows them to get the job done quickly and efficiently whilst still maintaining a high quality finish.

Insurance Claims

Many home insurance policies cover the accidental breakage of windows. Your repairman can help you sort out just what you are able to claim back. They will also be able to provide you with all the necessary paperwork your insurance company will ask for when you lodge your claim. We all know how pedantic insurance companies can be when you ask them for money, so it is important that you have everything in order!

Safety Glass Installation

One other option when having a window replaced is to change the glass used to safety glass. This can be especially useful if you have children, or if breakages are a common occurrence in your home or business. Safety glass is designed so that when it is broken, the glass shatters into pieces that are not sharp. This helps to greatly minimise the risk of injury to yourself and others and makes clean-up a breeze.

Choosing Colors for Window Shutters

The exterior style of your residence makes a difference in your choice of colors for your shutters. Decide whether your dwelling has a contemporary style or a more traditional one. Modern looking, contemporary styles can handle treatments that are lighter in hue or if you prefer it, bolder hues, such as cherry red, electric blue, or burnt orange. Traditional looking houses often look their best when they have black shutters, classic white, or various shades of cream or ivory.

The exterior colors of your house should also be taken into consideration. Unless you have plans to modify the exterior colors of your house in the near future, stay within the color scheme that you already have. In other words, work with what you have. The color of the shutters needs to coordinate with the siding, paint, wood, or brick of your bungalow.

Do an evaluation of the outside of your home’s appearance at various times of the day to notice the subtleties that evolve with the changing of the light. You want to choose a palette that will be pleasing to the eye at every hour of the day. Look at your house from different angles. If necessary, snap some pictures and compare them.

Your window trim needs to factor into your decision. The shutters and the trim come together and for this reason, many homeowners opt to paint them both the same shade. This makes them look like they are one piece. If you want the color for the treatment to complement the trim, as opposed to match it, choose shades that suit each other. Avoid shades that clash or give your home a gaudy appearance.

The colors that you favor are a good place to start. If you want a subtle look, choose black, white, or cream which go with every color. Another option is to stay within the same color family. If the exterior of your residence is dark, a treatment color that is a couple shades lighter would be a good match and vice versa. If the outside of your home is lighter, shutters that are a few shades darker will provide an interesting contrast.