Steel And Aluminium Doors

Low upkeep and anti-theft properties aren’t the only factors. Where the main parts of the house are properly insulated to increase living comfort, garages tend to be left unfurnished (unless converted into a livable room) and insulation, heating and cooling don’t normally extend to them. With metal doors and modern construction techniques, the interior can be kept a lot drier and warmer or cooler depending on the weather.

Of the numerous metals that can be fabricated, steel and aluminium are favorites for their strength, durability and affordable cost.

Steel: Steel trumps even over aluminium. Known for its high strength especially top quality steel with 24-gauge panels, there’s not a lot burglars or inclement weather can do to bring it down. The construction method too plays a role with some doors featuring thicker steel on the outside for a formidable finish.

Modern steel doors are also customizable either by using paint or tinkering with the design. Paint jobs can mimic the look of wood grain and stone but without the weaknesses suffered by the two.

The best steel door is one which promises insulation and is thick enough to guard against the cold, rain and impact. The addition of security alarms enhances the protection offered by this durable material.

Aluminium: With aluminium, doors are lighter and the use of very powerful door openers is unnecessary. The light weight does little to affect strength and durability. Customization options too are varied with finishes ranging from wood to stone.

Aluminium is cheaper than steel so it’s no wonder it’s the most used garage door material. However, being light, it’s more prone to dents so repair jobs are to be expected. The same light weight makes it easy to install, though, unlike steel which is heavy and needs stronger support.

Whichever metal is chosen, design influences how well garage doors match up to wear and tear. The insulation used also plays a role with polyurethane having a higher ‘R’ value despite appearing thinner than polystyrene.

Safety features such as pinch-resistant doors and tamper-resistant brackets can minimize the risks posed to the fingers, an important feature if there are children in the house where boisterous activity can see them get up to mischief.

Well-chosen garage doors enhance curb appeal which can in turn affect the resale value of property. Color-coded doors that match the entry doors and trim of a structure – especially a house – see buyers more inclined to favor such property. So if you’ve been wondering what type of door to get and how it can beautify your real estate, consider the tips given here.