Plantation Shutters

Insulation For Your Home In Winter

Although a large proportion of homes have double glazing these days, it isn’t a 100% guaranteed way to prevent heat escaping from your home. This leads to turning the heat up to try and maintain a more comfortable temperature indoors which will have a significant impact on the energy bills in their home. Plantation shutters act as an extra layer of insulation which keep warm air in your home and act as a barrier to the cold winter air.

Summer Ventilation

Colonial Shutters allow for a greater level of control when it comes to keeping your home cool in the summer. This saves on additional energy bills from fans or air conditioning. The use of the louvres means that you can have a great control over the light and air flow levels; allowing for coolness and freshness, which other window coverings simply don’t offer.

Save On Cleaning

If you opt for a window covering such as curtains, then you can be presented with some difficulties. They are difficult to clean and also attract parasites such as dust mites; which are a major issue for those who have allergies. Some curtain fabrics are dry clean only which means that any time you want to get them cleaned there will be a cost. This mounts up when it is required twice yearly.

Plantation shutters however are an easy clean window covering which don’t allow for the growth and multiplication of bacteria and -parasites; meaning that as well as being a money saver long term, they also stop you from needing to spend unnecessary time cleaning.