Tricks to Erect a Bookshelf Over Walls

Point out an ideal place for your shelf

First, sort out a perfect for your library. Now this place can be anywhere over the walls but preferably to a corner to get a proper grip. Moreover, by selecting a corner, you can conserve much of the wall space and at the same time you can make use of the poor unused corner of you wall.

Take proper measurements

Interior designs and architecture is all about mathematics and dimension, but wait; do not confuse this with complex algebra as these are basic length measurements and we all are quite nimble in this field. Before taking a measurement of the length and breadth, you must have a rough image about the shelf size and in doing this, you may circumvent several trails and errors and other misconception. Do not make the shelves too big as this will reduce the longevity of the hanging shelves because a big rack will cut short the overall aesthetic value for your interiors.

Buy an accurate bracket

When you are done with the measurements, it is the time for holder shopping. They will act as the holders, which will support

About Leather Living Room Furniture

Different Designs of Sofas:

  • Stationary: Generally, these stationary sectional sofas are very common and are designed in one shape.
  • Chaise Sofas: These sofas are well-known for its comfort. Basically, these are available with the ottoman.
  • Modular: These modular sectional sofas typically available in 3 piece or 5 piece. These are well-known for stand-alone furniture’s.
  • Reclining Sectional: These reclining sofas are the perfect choice for the family rooms and media rooms. These are accessible in wide collections from individual movie chairs to traditional chairs.
  • Home Theater Style: Like reclining sofas, these home theater style sectional sofas are an ideal choice for family rooms and media rooms.

Different Shapes of Sectional Sofas:

  • L-Shape
  • U-Shape
  • Semi-Circle

Before choosing the shape of the sofas, make sure the layout of your living room. So, that it can easily fit into it. If you go with modular design, you won’t need to worry about the room fit.

Different Styles of Sofas:

  • Contemporary
  • Modern
  • Traditional
  • Coastal
  • Mid-Century

When it comes to choosing a sofa style, you need to have a clear-cut plan of your interior design, color and

Plantation Shutters

Insulation For Your Home In Winter

Although a large proportion of homes have double glazing these days, it isn’t a 100% guaranteed way to prevent heat escaping from your home. This leads to turning the heat up to try and maintain a more comfortable temperature indoors which will have a significant impact on the energy bills in their home. Plantation shutters act as an extra layer of insulation which keep warm air in your home and act as a barrier to the cold winter air.

Summer Ventilation

Colonial Shutters allow for a greater level of control when it comes to keeping your home cool in the summer. This saves on additional energy bills from fans or air conditioning. The use of the louvres means that you can have a great control over the light and air flow levels; allowing for coolness and freshness, which other window coverings simply don’t offer.

Save On Cleaning

If you opt for a window covering such as curtains, then you can be presented with some difficulties. They are difficult to clean and also attract parasites such as dust mites; which are a major issue for those who have

Classy Flooring With Limestone

Though not the commonest form of installation, pouring stone such as limestone instead of laying pavers guarantees a better finish and lower maintenance. Pavers, while also a sound option, are prone to cracks especially in high traffic areas. Weeds can also grow through and ants can burrow trails. Liquid limestone, on the other hand, has a better ability to seal gaps and depending on the quality of the installation, can greatly minimise the occurrence of cracks.

As it is, limestone is a great choice for flooring. We usually hear about slate, granite and travertine but this stone, which contains plenty of calcium owing to the presence of organic fossils, is superior in many ways. To appreciate it better, here’s what to expect of it as a flooring material:

Cool underfoot: Limestone maintains low temperatures even on hot days. We know how frustrating it can be not being able to walk barefoot on patios on a hot summer day so it’s a huge blessing. Liquid limestone is cooler still so you can install it in driveways and any other outdoor area you don’t want heated.

Has low maintenance: Unlike other stones which have a natural luster,

Tiny House Interior

First of all, we must keep in mind to plan for the needs as well as the extra comfort we are all used to. For instance, how about planning to have that dream pantry slide-out within the kitchen area or near? We are willing to downsize, however, why not do it smartly!

Second, if you plan to have a loft but find it too tight to sleep up there, instead think about using it as extra storage space by using large plastic containers for out of season clothing, sports or camping gear. It can also serve the double duty of an office space, as while you are sitting down working on a desk, your head space should be adequate. Installing a wall bed on the first floor will provide more comfort and is a space saving idea as well. Some wall beds bring a desk underneath and used while the bed is hidden up against the wall. This table or desk will could also be used for meals. Think big when you decide to live tiny.

Other tiny house interiors can be made with a lifted kitchen floor. If your tiny house is 8′ ft wide,

Avoid The Property Refurbishment Mistakes

  1. Unrealistic budget: Before buying the materials and gathering your tools, you must prepare a budget for the scope of the project. As accurately as possible, account for the pennies; they become many dollars in an inaccurate accounting of a budget. Yes, you may encounter unanticipated issues along the way, but starting a project without a budget is the biggest and most expensive issue you will have. If you are planning a hardwood floor but you only have linoleum funds; wait until you have hardwood funds. Do not try to push your pocketbook; it will not pay-off if your plans exceed your available funds.
  2. Cheap materials: This is not the contrary argument to the above; if linoleum is what your budget will afford for a project, buy the best linoleum your budget will allow. In home refurbishment, you get what you pay for. If you need to re-roof the house, use materials that will endure; they should for at least twenty years. Don’t cheapen your return on the investment by cheapening the investment.
  3. Ignoring proper preparation: If you are painting a room, don’t skip the taping of surfaces you do not want to paint. Don’t count on your careful avoidance

Maintain Outdoor Furniture

Several products are there that are manufactured with the best of the materials like wrought iron, teak, etc. They offer much durability to the things. If you are buying one of those things you need to know how to maintain the things. In this article, we have provided certain tips that can help you to maintain the pieces of furniture for a long time.

  • Most of the manufacturer recommends that a simple wash with soap and water works wonders for the furniture. They strictly forbid using any kind of chemicals for cleaning the furnishings. This is because they think that it can make it break down by disturbing its composition.
  • If your furniture is made up of cast aluminum, wrought iron, or aluminum then it is advised that you should use a mild soap like the car washing ones for cleaning purposes. If it gets scratched to the base metal then one can sand it down using sanding paper. This will prevent rust oxidation from occurring. You can then paint it with a matching color.
  • If at all the furniture is made of natural teak then after a certain period of time it will give

Home Extensions

While there was no valid reason for me to object, I felt a little apprehensive about the space available in our house. With just a couple of bedrooms and a drawing-room, I didn’t know how to accommodate so many guests. Only a few weeks on hand, and I needed an instant solution to this problem. Just at that point of time, a close friend of mine came to my rescue. She introduced me to the idea of home extension projects. Trust me; the results were highly effective and I didn’t know how to thank her.

Now, if you’re a novice like me and don’t have any idea about home extensions, then I’m here to help you today. Considering the current condition of the economy, gaining extra space in your house is a big challenge. One effective way to solve this issue is to extend your existing construction – upwards, outwards and downwards. From garage conversions to loft renovations, house extensions are a sure shot way to boost the aesthetic value of your asset. Even though these projects are generally fruitful, there are several important things to consider before shelling out your cash.

Budget and other considerations

Dining Chairs

Matching Dining Sets are Still in Trend

Matching dining sets are still in demand and many people prefer them in their collection. However, the sets available nowadays are much lighter and innovative. If you are willing to decorate your area with a full dining set, then you should make the rest of the decor theme ‘casual’. This will add a softened look to your abode. You can also select a set style that is less formal, for instance, the round or a triangle one.


There are a variety of materials to choose from; wood can be one of the best choices. If you are thinking to decorate the area with some other options, then leather can be the one for you as they mingle with almost every kind of decor.

Paint can be Miracle

If you wish to add creativity, then you can paint some of your chairs to enhance the look. Think of a theme which has a combination of ocean blue chairs with the white ones.

Bright and Vivid

You can even make your dining chairs the focal points by painting them with vivid colours. Another idea is to paint

Choose Furniture When Renovating


This is a very important decision to make, especially if your reason for renovating is to enhance the beauty of your house interior. There are many furniture designs to choose from and so many categories of furniture designs enough to make your head spin. How do you know which furniture to choose?

Determine what the interior design style of your house is. It could be classical, modern or minimalist for example. Then choose furniture that matches the kind of interior design your house has. Minimalist houses work best with simple furniture that does not have so many designs. Classical interiors work best with classical furniture. The color of the furniture should also match the theme of the house.


Furniture durability depends on the materials used on it. Hardwood furniture is a good choice because of its durability and flexibility of use. Modern homes could use some stainless material in the furniture to enhance the modernity of the house. When choosing a furniture, always ask what it is made. A quick online research will tell you whether the material would last long.

Try to avoid plastic furniture because they are not durable,