How To Maintain Garage Door


Cleaning is not only good for humans, but it’s also good for garage doors. A well cleaned door is usually free of bacteria; therefore, it lives for a long time. A clean unit is also attractive which increases the appeal of your home.

To clean the garage door, you need clean water, mild detergent, and car wax. You should clean the entire door with clean water. When cleaning, you should avoid using abrasive cleaners since they tend to remove paint thus exposing the door to rust and bacteria. A paint stripped door is usually very unappealing.

Once the door has been thoroughly cleaned, you should rinse it with clean water and leave it to dry. Once dry you should apply car wax in all parts. Wax protects the door from acid rain, dust and UV light. This ensures that the door maintains its elegant look for a long time.

Weather stripping maintenance

Weather stripping is important as it ensures a tight seal when garage door is in a closed position. Since the door is usually tightly closed, no dust or cold weather finds its way into the garage. This ensures that all the equipment in the garage remain safe and dust free.

To ensure that the weather stripping is optimally working, you should regularly clean it with all-purpose cleaner. You should then rinse it thoroughly with clean water and apply a silicone lubricant.

To be on the safe side, you should steer away from petroleum based lubricants. This is because they tend to dry out the weather stripping thus resulting to cracking.

Lubricate the moving parts

The moving parts of a garage door mean everything. This is because if they are faulty, you can’t get in or out of the garage. To ensure that they are in perfect working form, you should regularly lubricate them.

Before you lubricate the parts you should first clean them with a piece of cloth in order to remove dirt and old lubricant. You should then apply new lubricant in the rollers, track, and hinges. The best lubricants to use are oil and grease. To maintain modesty, you should wipe away any excess oil or grease using a piece of cloth.