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Hiring a Remodeling Contractor

July 6, 2019
  1. Proof of Insurance
    When choosing a remodeling contractor, you should always make sure the contractor has up to date insurance. If there are any accidents on the site of your property during the renovations process, you want to make sure that the contractor is liable – not you. Any other employees of the company should also be insured to make certain you are completely protected.
  2. Check References
    Make sure you get references from previous customers. You will want to make sure that you see proof of previous work and that you get the opportunity to speak with past customers of the contractor you have chosen to work with. You will want to see the quality of work in an actual space and how the work has held up. You should look at photos of work that is similar to your project to get a better idea of what the results will look like.
  3. Estimates
    You will want to get at least three estimates from different companies to get an idea of what the going rate for your project is. You shouldn’t necessarily pick the lowest offer, but getting a few different estimates to compare will help you to evaluate about how much you should be paying your contractor.
  4. Contract
    Make certain to get a written contract with the company you choose. A verbal contract is never a good idea in these situations. You want your contractor to put the scope of the work, the intended budget, and all of the detail of the project in writing. The time it will take to complete the job, the associated costs, and what will be done to finish to project, should all be included in the contract. Once the project has begun, be sure to stick to the terms in the contract to stay within your specified budget.