Fire Restoration Clean Up

Other Disasters

Natural disasters such as tsunamis and floods make the news because they are relatively uncommon. Unfortunately, buildings going up in smoke are more common than anyone realizes. They all result in property damage, loss of human life, and trauma for the survivors. In order to keep your family and home safer, it’s crucial to practice prevention.

Prevention and Reasons

You can take action to prevent your house from burning down. Install smoke detectors and extinguishers in every room of your home. Have a “no smoking” rule on your property and stick to it. If you allow cigarettes on your back patio, make sure there are ash trays, no dry plants or fabric nearby, and that an extinguisher is available outside, too. Some of the reasons homes burn are clogged chimneys, faulty wiring, kids playing with matches, and smokers who light up cigarettes in bed and fall asleep. If you have a woodstove or chimney, have it cleaned by a chimney sweep at least once each winter. Make sure your electrical wiring is up to code. Keep matches out of the reach of your children, and never smoke in bed.

Clean Up

You’ll need a team of professionals to perform fire restoration. This is not a job for a novice. Your team may use hot-and-wet fogging techniques, HEPA or ozone air scrubbing, steam cleaning, and methods that entail dry ice. Because a smoky odor will permeate the home, some areas will need to be removed and replaced. Fabrics, carpets, drapery, and other soft items may be impossible to save. Walls may need to be scrubbed and repainted. Shellac is sometimes used to seal in the unpleasant odors. Brick and other porous surfaces may need to be cleaned with a chemical sponge to remove the soot.