Classy Flooring With Limestone

Though not the commonest form of installation, pouring stone such as limestone instead of laying pavers guarantees a better finish and lower maintenance. Pavers, while also a sound option, are prone to cracks especially in high traffic areas. Weeds can also grow through and ants can burrow trails. Liquid limestone, on the other hand, has a better ability to seal gaps and depending on the quality of the installation, can greatly minimise the occurrence of cracks.

As it is, limestone is a great choice for flooring. We usually hear about slate, granite and travertine but this stone, which contains plenty of calcium owing to the presence of organic fossils, is superior in many ways. To appreciate it better, here’s what to expect of it as a flooring material:

Cool underfoot: Limestone maintains low temperatures even on hot days. We know how frustrating it can be not being able to walk barefoot on patios on a hot summer day so it’s a huge blessing. Liquid limestone is cooler still so you can install it in driveways and any other outdoor area you don’t want heated.

Has low maintenance: Unlike other stones which have a natural luster, limestone doesn’t. It’s similar to travertine in this way. This dull quality means you don’t have to spend big bucks on polish and scuffs and scratches don’t show up as much. The occasional cleaning includes a quick wash with mild detergent and water.

Elegant and earthy: Like all natural stones, limestone possesses an earthy quality which makes it perfect for any home leaning towards natural design. The simple understated appearance is also one of its greatest features as the resulting elegance is effortless and without flaw.

Better moisture-resistance: Limestone is more compact than other natural stones so it’s less porous. If it’s installed outdoors it’s less likely to see water damage. And if it’s indoors, you can be assured even more long-lasting floors.

Plenty of variety: Despite being largely light-colored, limestone can be colored and textured to specification. Dark grey hues to deep greens that are almost black, beiges and creams are a few choices. As for texture, patterns can be cut though it looks best in its original state.

More affordable: If compared with ceramic, it’s naturally pricier but limestone is more affordable than other stones. Considering the benefits, you’ll see it’s pretty reasonable. A comparison of costs from several different installers will give you a good estimate.

Can last for decades: With proper care, limestone can last for years, even centuries. Ordinary wear and tear doesn’t rob it of its beauty either; if anything, it enhances the old world charm.