Choosing Cushions for Outdoor Furniture

January 22, 2020

The first thing to focus on is quality. When it comes to choosing cushions for outdoor furniture, you need to ensure you choose a good quality product which is going to manage the harsh weather conditions and provide you with years of use. Quality can only be determined through extensive research, reviewing the supplier and then checking the items in detail when they arrive on your doorstep.

Take careful note of the fabric used in the making of the cushions for outdoor furniture. Cushions used in outdoor spaces need to be stronger, resistant and able to manage outdoor conditions, from harsh sunlight to driving rain to howling winds. This means you need to choose a strong fabric which can handle all these conditions and more without the cushion losing it’s colour, structure or overall style. If you were to put an average scatter cushion on your outdoor furniture, it will be damaged after the first heavy rainfall. There are going to be times where you accidentally leave your cushions outside and you need to know that they will look just as good tomorrow as they did before the rain came down.

Always double check the sizes of the cushions you are going to need before placing any orders. Start off by measuring the furniture if you don’t already have the cushions and then measuring the cushion covers to ensure that they will work with your design, turning your boring outdoor space into a comfortable and welcoming oasis that you and your family can enjoy throughout the summer months.

Look at any features that the cushions for outdoor furniture provides. When looking at this particular type of cushion you want to ensure that they come with a choice of features that is going to stand out for you. Important features include fade resistance. This ensures the cushions keep their bright colours even after being exposed to the harsh sunlight. You will also want to ensure that they are water resistant. This means if you accidentally leave them outside and it rains or the children hop onto the furniture after swimming in the pool soaking the cushions, you know that once dried they will be as good as new.

Focus extensively on the aesthetic appeal of the cushions you are looking at. Envision how you are going to place them, the impact they will have and whether they are able to complete your design with ease, ensuring you are left with a beautiful outdoor space you can use and enjoy, entertain and have fun.

Any outdoor cushions you purchase should come with some form of warranty. It is impossible when buying online to know that any cushions you purchase are going to meet your unique requirements and expectations. It’s easy for a company to say that their cushions are fade and water resistant and that they are made from the best quality fabrics, but until you have the cushions in your hand and you feel them and inspect them on your own, there is no proof that you are buying the best of the best. Buying cushions for outdoor furniture that come with a warranty can provide you with much needed peace of mind when you need it most.