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Bamboo Fencing

June 2, 2019

There are plenty of different forms of fencing that you could choose from the most common being metal and wooden fencing. If beauty is a concern you should definitely go ahead and install bamboo fencing as it’s definitely a good buy for many reasons.

They’re one of a kind

Unlike the common vinyl, chain links and other wooden fences bamboo adds beauty to your home as they’re totally customizable. The other fences look good no doubt, but when compared to bamboo fencing it’s not hard to realize the differences.

Bamboo is extremely flexible and hence can be curved into any shape. You could even have curved edges rather than a boxed fence around your home. There are plenty of designs to choose from, so take your time and pick well.

They possess strength

Yes metal is definitely stronger than bamboo, but if strength is a concern you shouldn’t worry much as bamboo is quite sturdy too. Yes it’s flexible, but strong at the same time. Therefore small impacts won’t damage it at all and this is definitely a good option if you’ve got kids around as they tend to get cuts on fences and a metallic fence would for sure be rusted at least at a few places.

Stay away from the ground

One of the only drawbacks of bamboo fencing is the fact that you should try and keep it off the ground. Yes, a few bars would have to touch the ground for support (Else people would have built flying castles out of bamboo). But on the whole try and keep it off the ground as moisture and termites could pose a threat.

What you could do is use metal or plastic blocks as support and roll the bamboo fence over it. The support could just act as pillars in between it need not be all across your home.