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About Express Window Replacement

October 22, 2019

Same Day Service

Replacing a broken window can be a high priority. A broken window means that there is an open path into your home for anyone, or anything, that would like to enter! This is an invitation for thieves or vermin and it is crucial that you sort it out straight away. Not only is it potentially dangerous to leave a broken window unrepaired, it can cost you a lot of money in heating or cooling. Without a window in place to help stop the flow of air, you can literally be pouring money out the window!

Luckily, all good glaziers can offer a same day replacement service. Having your window replaced is as easy as calling up and waiting for the glazier to come to you. Unless your window is extremely large, or you require a special variety of glass, you will be able to have it replaced on the spot. The repair vehicles which are on call are equipped to deal with almost any glass related damage.

Quality Work

Despite quick service for glass repairs, quality isn’t compromised. While glass repair and replacement does take significant skill and specialised tools, glaziers have been well trained and are efficient. This allows them to get the job done quickly and efficiently whilst still maintaining a high quality finish.

Insurance Claims

Many home insurance policies cover the accidental breakage of windows. Your repairman can help you sort out just what you are able to claim back. They will also be able to provide you with all the necessary paperwork your insurance company will ask for when you lodge your claim. We all know how pedantic insurance companies can be when you ask them for money, so it is important that you have everything in order!

Safety Glass Installation

One other option when having a window replaced is to change the glass used to safety glass. This can be especially useful if you have children, or if breakages are a common occurrence in your home or business. Safety glass is designed so that when it is broken, the glass shatters into pieces that are not sharp. This helps to greatly minimise the risk of injury to yourself and others and makes clean-up a breeze.